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  • Are you paying too much for your holiday accommodation?

    Posted on 18th July 2017

    How to Book your Holiday accommodation for the LOWEST Price and get FULL Consumer Protection

    Yes you can have both!

    winetasting holiday bordeaux

    You would think, these days, that finding your holiday accommodation for the cheapest price would be the easiest thing in the world to do. It is, but, only if you don’t fall into the common traps. We’re going to bust the myths and tell you the truth – from inside of the industry.

    With all the TV adverts claiming to offer you your hotel or self catering villa at the best price, who can you really trust?  How about their claims of protecting your payments?  How much faith can you put in these claims?  Did you know these so-called price comparison websites often don’t actually show the lowest price?  Only the companies who pay to be listed on the sites are shown! read more

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